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THAT CLICK trailer 1 ITA Subs

THAT CLICK trailer 1 ITA Subs


A Documentary about the legendary photography of Douglas Kirkland

“That Click” is a documentary about legendary photographer Douglas Kirkland that with his camera portrayed sixty years of pop culture ranging from photojournalism to celebrity portraits, from film photo- graphy to global events documentation.

After taking some of the most iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe, with his unique style and approach he described fashion, celebrities and show business with immortal images that still influence us today, many years after that first click became the soundtrack of his adventurous life.


Who is


Douglas Kirkland is an award-winning celebrity photographer.

He joined Look Magazine in his early twenties, then Life Magazine

during the golden age of photojournalism in the 1960s and 1970s. He

also contributed to major publications around the world, including

The London Sunday Times Magazine, The New York Times Magazine

and Town & Country among many others.

Between 1960 and present, Douglas Kirkland photographed over 2,000

assignments and more than 600 major celebrities — from Marilyn Monroe

to Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning. He has worked on the sets of more

than 150 motion pictures, including The Sound of Music (1963),

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969),

Out of Africa (1985) Titanic (1997) Moulin Rouge (2000), Australia (2007),

the Great Gatsby (2011), and The 33 (2014).

Some of his books include Light Years (1989), Icons (1993), Legends (1999), Body Stories (1998), Freeze Frame (2007), An Evening With Marilyn (2002), Coco Chanel: Three Weeks (2008), the New York Times #1 best-selling James Cameron's Titanic (1997, With Marilyn (2012). A monograph on his career, Douglas Kirkland - A Life in Pictures, was released in September of 2013. Freeze Frame: Second Cut was released in April 2017. His latest book, Physical Poetry Alphabet, came out in June 2018 published by Sylph Editions in London.


Douglas Kirkland’s photographs are exhibited throughout the world and are included in the permanent collections of a number of institutions such as: the National Portrait Gallery London, The National Portrait Gallery Canberra Australia, the Smithsonian Museum, the Eastman House, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. His exhibition: "Douglas Kirkland - A Life in Pictures" at the Museum of Modern Art Gallery GOMA in Brisbane was the 3rd most visited photographic exhibition in the world in 2010. "Douglas Kirkland - Freeze Frame" opened in Rome at the MAXXI Museum in October 2017. The Lumiere Brothers Gallery in Moscow had a major retrospective "Douglas Kirkland  - Behind the Scenes" in Moscow in 2018.


He is also a sought after lecturer, a member of Canon’s Explorers of Light and an associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers. His numerous awards include, a Lucie for Outstanding Achievement in Entertainment Photography in February 2011, the American Society of Cinematographers ASC presented him with the prestigious President’s Award. In the summer of 2015, he received a special Nastri D'Argento (Silver Ribbon) at the International Taormina Film Festival. The Canadian Consul General in Los Angeles presented him with the Award of Excellence in recognition of a lifetime of outstanding accomplishments in September 2017.


He has enjoyed a long-term career spanning over fifty years with no sign of slowing down. When he is not traveling the globe on assignment with his wife and business partner Francoise, his home and studio is in the Hollywood Hills.


The Douglas Kirkland Archive is a repository of Hollywood celebrity and popular culture during the last half-century.

2A - Douglas Kirkland, protagonista _ ma

Who is

LUCA SEVERI, the director of the film

Luca Severi, is not only the founder of LSPG Inc. but it’s a director who

worked in tv productions, both in entertainment and documentaries with

some of the most prestigious broadcasters such as RAI, SKY, ZDF, CNN,

and RTI-Mediaset before moving to the United States.

There he developed his career as acamera operator and video editor, at
first, jumping into film directing thanks to the producer Dino De Laurentiis.
He worked on several films as a behind the scenes director before starting

to produce and direct his first feature projects such as "The Two Revolutions" (2015),

"Calypso" (2017) co-produced with Michele Placido and "That Click" (2019).

He was also the co-director, again with Michele Placido, of "Yorick's Speech" a short film created a for the special project of the 70th Venice Film Festival "Venice 70: Future Reloaded" in 2013.
After developing several project on the creative side, in Los Angeles he decided to open an autonomous structure, today known as LSPG, as his production center for his projects, that thanks to a very valuable artistic profile of its collaborators and partners in a few years was able to work in Italy and USA creating a consistent slate of projects that in June 2017 can count more or less 10 projects all with different sources of investments

present, from development till post-production.

2B - Luca Severi, regista _ director e _

LSPG, Inc.

Founded in 2016, with headquarters in Los Angeles (CA) and Rome (Italy), Luca Severi Production Group, Inc. (LSPG), established a new concept of film production, merging the indie-filmmaking environment with a studio structure. With the ambitious goal of giving birth to projects of talents that can bring new and powerful ideas to the film industry, LSPG Inc. develops, finances and produces films and documentaries with both an art-house taste and commercial once, but always focused on the international audience.

Who is

GIOVANNI LABADESSA, producer of the film

Giovanni Labadessa is a film maker and founder of Lumiere Lab, a production company and collective of filmmakers based in Venice, California. Giovanni starts his career as screenwriter and moved on through film and television development, production and financing between Italy and Los Angeles. He takes his first steps in Hollywood in 2010 with Venice based production company Mechaniks, playing a critical role in the development of “Road To Capri” , “Seeds in the Wind” and “Vivaldi”.

In 2015 he produces the comedy “The Lonely Italian”, the film is featured for the first time at the 2016 edition of Ferrara Film Festival where it's awarded with the Golden Dragon for Best Feature USA, in 2017 the film has its US premiere at the San Diego International Film Festival winning Best Comedy. The film is later acquired by Random Media and The Orchard and has been sold in Japan, Italy and US on the platforms Hulu and Amazon Prime.

In 2016 starts his collaboration with director Luca Severi writing and producing the drama “Calypso” along the side of Michele Placido and the following year the documentary “That Click” about legendary photographer Douglas Kirkland.

Who is

MATTEO LEURINI, producer of the film

Matteo Leurini started his career in cinemaat a very young age. At 17 years old, he was already production assistant on the set of “Tutto Tutto Niente Niente” by Antonio Albanese. In 2015 he worked in “Point Break” by Ericson Core (Fast and Furious, Daredevil) and in 2019 in “The King’s Man” by Matthew Vaughn. Meanwhile, he produced the short film “Pastarelle” by Gianluca Manzetti. In the following years, he continued to pursue his career as a producer with the documentary “THAT CLICK” about legendary photographer Douglas Kirkland. With this project he started his collaboration with the Los Angeles based production company LSPG.

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